The Proposal

What about this movie that caught my attention: It was part of the Romance/ Comedy section :D
Why I actually finished watching this movie: Ryan Reynolds was attractive... and because I liked the plot.
My favorite coupling: Andrew Paxton & Margaret Tate
White dog was adorable!!
The amazingly terrific grandma!!
Quotes: "Congratulations, I'm 100 years old."
"So you'll do it? *no response* Before I'm dead?! *thumbs up*"
"Yeah! Show her who's boss Andrew!"
My rating out of 10: 9
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ:
This was a very comedic romance movie. A super uptight boss (Margaret Tate) and a pushover/ trying-hard to please employer (Andrew Paxton) joined together by a threat. A proposal is then thrust upon the innocent employer. Lying to the family which treated Margaret like she was their actual in-law and then falling in love with Andrew was too much to handle. The deal was called off and a new love arose. The grandmother was brilliant, very comical.