27 Dresses

What about this movie that caught my attention: The cover I suppose.
Why I actually finished watching this movie: I wanted to see the sappy ending.
My favorite coupling: Kevin Doyle & Jane Nichols
Other?: n/a
Quotes: "What color is it? Vomit?"
"No. I don't. I'm Jesus"
My rating out of 10: 7
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ:
It was a bit
cliché at times... I mean this wasn't a complete blower of a movie, however it just didn't hit me much. I mean it's cute, sure. But the thing I didn't like was the acting. I guess it's because I got annoyed at the younger sister, then the boss was being stupid and the cliché topic of sisters being jealous of each other as well as the other cliché topic of changing yourself to match your lover more (is the latter a cliché topic? I'm not so sure) still. It annoyed me, so I didn't enjoy it much. Maybe it will be different for you?