The Lake House

What about this movie that caught my attention: I wanted to watch it, but then I kept thinking it wouldn't meet my expectation, so I didn't watch it.
Why I actually finished watching this movie: It was such a sweet love story! Clean and pure love.
My favorite coupling: Alex Wyler & Kate Forster
Other?: The lake house was so pretty!
The quote "There could have been no two hearts so open, no tastes so similar, no feelings so in unison...." from the novel Persuasion by Jane Austen interpreted in the movie was just brilliant!
My rating out of 10: 9.5
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ:
I finally decided to watch this movie after watching the trailer for 'Time traveler's wife' (I will watch that soon so I can do a review on it). Why did I think this movie when watching the trailer for another movie? Well. The time difference thing. I wouldn't mind having a pen pal from two years ago right now xP This movie prompted me to watch Il Mare (the movie it was based off of).
The love story of two people in a different time (2 year time difference) conversing over written letters, to me seemed pretty romantic. I mean sure, the other person could be a complete pervert... but this is a love story. Waiting two years for someone with an unchanging heart, knowing that you have to wait because they won't recognize you from your time. It's pretty heart- breaking. I love the ending to this movie, and I think this movie is now my all time favorite.