My Bratty Princess/ Mischievous Princess

What about this drama that caught my attention: I liked the theme song & the drama trailer looked fun
Why I actually finished watching this drama: The actors x)
My favorite coupling: Emperor Zhu Yun & Situ Jing
Episode 7 when Bai Yun Fei finds out Xiao Long Xia was actually a girl in disguise.
Episode 9 when Xiao Long Xia finds out she befriended Emperor Zhu Yun.
Episode 10 when Emperor Zhu Yun lied and said that he knew Bai Yun Fei (in front of Bai Yun Fei because they were friends and the Emperor had to lie haha)
Episode 10 when Emperor Zhu Yun found out Xiao Long Xia was actually a girl.
Episode 11 when Emperor Zhu Yun finds out who Bai Yun Fei really is.
Episode 13 when the Emperor and Bai Yun Fei were taking care of Xiao Long Xia (saying she should visit the palace more often/ not)
Episode 15 when Bai Yun Fei contemplated on loving Princess Ai Ming or Situ Jing
Episode 19 when both the Emperor and Bai Yun Fei confesses and at the end Situ Jing saying she will enter the palace.
Episode 21 when Situ Jing admits that she likes the Emperor to her servant.
Episode 22 when Situ Jing and the Princess become friends.
Episode 23 Situ Jing gets shot.
Episode 25 Situ Jing tells the Emperor that she loves him.
Episode 26 Situ Jing and the Emperor hugs <3
"I'd rather have the sky fall than let her be angry with me" -Emperor Zhu Yun
My rating out of 10: 9.5
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ: Another one of my favorite ancient series! Very very cute plot.