My Girl

What about this drama that caught my attention: It was on my "to watch" list
Why I actually finished watching this drama: I watched the ending before... so I knew what was going to happen, however I wanted to see the events leading up to it. Anyway I loved this drama. *spoiler: Highlight to read I really liked how it connected to 'Sassy Girl Choon Hyang*
My favorite coupling: Seol Gong Chan & Joo Yoo Rin
Episode 3 when Joo Yoo Rin she fell off the bed and Seol Gong Chan went in to see what's wrong, then she knocked him in the nose
Episode 4 Joo Yoo Rin fell in the bathtub and stained her neck. Seol Gong Chan also fibbed for the first time or w/e but it was funny, because he was like "you looked nice" to Joo Yoo Rin right after the bathtub incident. Joo Yoo Rin also had funny day dream about bing actual grandaughter & the grandpa saying he'd give her everything. Funny seaweed soup ordeal. Shadow fighting Joo Yoo Rin.
Episode 5 when
Seo Jung Woo made a snowman (since Joo Yoo Rin claims that Mr. Snowman is the love of her life) and celebrated her fake birthday with her, he was also rejected.
Episode 6 when Seol Gong Chan thinks that he's being a pervert of a brother to Joo Yoo Rin because she's avoiding him (though in reality she's falling in love with him). Snowglobe present from Seol Gong Chan to Joo Yoo Rin.
Episode 7 Joo Yoo Rin was drunk so she went to take a star out of the Christmas tree and then fell off the ladder, only having Seol Gong Chan to catch her on the bottom. He seems like he's really starting to like her. He also gets locked out from his car when he went to buy hangover medicine for her. He's going to be protective of her by sleeping at her friend's house because only the brother was home. He got sick, refuses to go to the hospital to get a shot because he's scared, she enters the room giving him "egg alcohol" to help him. Then he remembered the snowglobe; I swear, he kissed the snowglobe box! Aww. Haha Yoo Rin also changed his ringtone to a roster crow.
Episode 9 (near the end) has the accidental kiss!
Episode 10 Seol Gong Chan makes the "egg alcohol" for Yoo Rin.
Episode 11 Free couple rings.
Episode 12 Gong Chan and Yoo Rin baked a cake. Gong Chan came back and hugged Yoo Rin saying that he cannot lie anymore (that he loves her)
Episode 13 forehead kiss then actual kiss from
Gong Chan to Yoo Rin he then also says "I love you" to her then kisses her again! Aww
"The day it snows, it's Joo Yoo Rin's birthday, I won't forget that" - Seol Gon Chan (ep.5)
"So that means the chances of not snowing is 10%... Now that's starting to bother me." (ep.7 when he wanted to give Yoo Rin the snowglobe) - Seol Gon Chan
"I don't... want to let her go." (ep.7 ending) - Seol Gon Chan
"I've never disliked you. There may have been times when you were annoying, but I've never disliked you." (ep.8) - Seol Gon Chan
"Lying and then being ignorant about it... I really am becoming like her. Have I really become addicted?" (ep.8) - Seol Gon Chan
"But guess what? I love being around you when I'm bored." (ep.8) - Seol Gon Chan
"These are a million dollar earmuffs, Joo Yoo Rin, don't let your heart be cold!" (ep.10) - Seo Jung Woo
"Why does it have to be Joo Yoo Rin? Joo Yoo Rin. Could I be accepting her so easily because I like her?" (ep.12) - Seol Gon Chan
My rating out of 10: 9.5
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ:
Another good Korean drama. Loved it. The plot was different than most Korean drama, so it's enjoyable.