The Clue Collector (Pi Li MIT)

What about this drama that caught my attention: I always wanted to watch this drama because Yan Ya Lun portrays the main actor.
Why I actually finished watching this drama: Wanted to see the mastermind behind the game.
My favorite coupling: Zhan Shi De & Li Xiao Xing
Zhan Shi De playing basketball in episode 4-4
Zhan Shi De saving Li Xiao Xing episode 4-6
Li Xiao Xing kissed Zhan Shi De on the cheek episode 4-6
Episode 5-4 when Zhan Shi De finds the recipe to help with Meniere's syndrome while picking up things that had fallen out of Li Xiao Xing's backpack. He also carries her in this episode! Aww.
Episode 7-2 Zhan Shi De accidentally kisses Li Xiao Xing on the forehead when he fell on her because he was fighting a person.
I'm actually quite proud of myself for solving the mystery in episode 7 before it was announced!
Episode 8-2 Zhan Shi De wins a strawberry cake and caught a girl's hand thinking it was Xiao Xing, however it was Qian Fu Hao testing him with one of his girlfriend.
Episode 8-3 Zhan Shi De hugged Xiao Xing because she was scared that her novels were killing people.
Episode 9-1 Xiao Xing said her horoscope said that that week she would be more compatible working with Fu Hao to Miss Cherry, Zhan Shi De swallowed hard (upset over the matter) In reality she just lied so that she doesn't trouble him.
Episode 9-5 GROUP HUG! xP
Episode 11-4 Xiao Xing runs to hug Zhan Shi De because he said he wasn't going anywhere and he hugged back! Aww.
Episode 12-2 Deadly minesweeper escape accidental kiss of Zhan Shi De and Li Xiao Xing <3 style="font-weight: bold;">
Episode 13-4 when Zhan Shi De kisses Li Xiao Xing and placed something in her pocket.
Episode 13 I wonder of Li Xiao Xing is Teacher Angel's daughter...
Episode 15-6 Zhan Shi De hugs Li Xiao Xing when she hears the principal confirm that he's her father.
Episode 16-1 Zhan Shi De gives Li Xiao Xing a piece of strawberry cake saying it was a compensation prize or something (though he probably bought it according to Qian Fu Hao)
"Although I don't like Zhai girls, ugly girls, or weird girls, but Lucifer, is a flower in PI LI MIT" (ep.4-6) - Qian Fu Hao
"Li Xiao Xing, I don't hate you, what I hate is... myself. Everytime I see you... it seems I am looking into a mirror. I always see my worst attributes. I always see the truth I don't want to face. In my life... I can't be your magical detective, justice hero, because I hve this strange illness called Meniere's syndrome I let down not only my dad, but also you. I'm sorry." (ep.4-6) - Zhan Shi De
"If you wanted to be her good luck charm then say so. Why are you pretending to be cool?" - Huang Hui Hong to Zhan Shi De (ep. 11-3)
"I won't go anywhere." - Zhan Shi De to Lucifer (ep. 11-4)
"If you dare cry again, be careful because I'll kiss you" - Zhan Shi De to Lucifer (ep. 12-3)
"Lucifer, if anything happens you can't lose your chance of getting out of here. Don't mind me." - Zhan Shi De to Lucifer (ep. 12-3)
"Lucifer is you, Li Xiao Xing is also you. You are you. I will never hate you." - Zhan Shi De to Lucifer (ep. 13-4)
"Or you can order your boyfriend to not hate you." - Zhan Shi De to Lucifer (ep. 13-4)
"I'm not seeing someone else. I'm 007." - Zhan Shi De (ep. 14-1)
"Even if you are, you're the most cutest bad person. The best bad person." - Huang Hui Hong to Lucifer (ep. 14-2)
"*hugs* You're not embrassing at all. You're very smart." - Zhan Shi De to Lucifer (ep. 14-7)
"I will definitely end the game so you can go back to being Lucifer; back to being my cute and adorable girlfriend I will demand by girlfriend that she won't cry alone and if you want to cry... I'll cry with you. Lucifer come out!" - Zhan Shi De to Lucifer (ep. 15-4)
"Don't forget. Now you have a smart boyfriend, so no matter where you are I will find you. Got it?" - Zhan Shi De to Lucifer (ep. 15-6)
My rating out of 10: 9.5
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ: OMGSH! Yan Ya Lun was so hot in this drama. At first I really didn't like it that he was acting with Gui Gui, but now I fully support them. They are so cute together! Haha. I really wished that there was a sequel to this drama as well, I mean the ending seemed like there was another mystery to solve why must is read "game over"? Terrific drama. Each mystery was interesting. The twist in plot was shocking. I never would have expected who was (were) the mastermind(s) *just in case you haven't watched it* WATCH THIS DRAMA!
Completed on 6/27/09