Ghost Whisperer

What about this show that caught my attention: The plot seemed interesting to me, just the basic "talking to the 'earthbounds'" was an interesting subject. Though I must say even though I am not the horror fan, this show isn't grusome enough to keep me away from it. And another thing I must add. It is seriously a tear jerker. My god. I really don't think that there's ONE episode that didn't leave me crying or made me feel like crying (not just a little feeling either, it's the one where you're trying REALLY hard to hold your tears back and in return your throat hurts) the cause of this could be because I'm an emotional person, but whatever. It's still good. And that goes into why I stuck to watching this show (even though after seeing re-runs on TV I stopped watching, but reacently -after hearing that Jim died- I got curious, and asked my parents (who also watches this show) -I know I know, kinda weird... but whatever, like I stated before it's a good show!- what happened they told me... but that wasn't enough... so I started to reasearch the plot of that online. Still it wasn't enough... so I started to see if I could find episodes online to watch (again) and I did. However, I am like 2 seasons behind and I can't find most of the episodes so I started some parts of season 4 where things start to happen and now I am waiting for new episodes (or see if I can find episodes online to watch)
Why I actually stuck to watching this show: read the statements above
My favorite coupling: Jim & Melinda
My rating out of 10: 9.5
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ: Such a sweet TV series. Very touching.