The weekenders

What about this show that caught my attention: I don't really remember... I was a kid and I liked the show. What more can I say? Cartoons back then (1990s) were awesome.
Why I actually stuck to watching this show: I don't know the reason why back then (but for my spring break I spent my whole time watching all 4 seasons) so I will say my reasons for watching it at this age; THEY HAVE THE BEST LINES EVER! There are so much innuendos, sarcasm, and repeated lines in this show it's amazing. I don't know about other people, but at my age right now I am still completely in love with this show. Why can't they bring it back and cancel those lame cartoons on TV now? I mean seriously. They should bring this back (along with some other 1990s/ early 2000 cartoons)
My favorite coupling: no couplings, all just friends. I love all the characters. They are amazing!
4/11/09: I completed the whole entire series. There's only one episode that I haven't seen in this series. Overall. It's AMAZING!
My rating out of 10: 9.5
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ: This was an AMAZING cartoon! I mean seriously.