Dal Ja's Spring

What about this drama that caught my attention: My friend recommended it to me.
Why I actually finished watching this drama:
My favorite coupling: Kang Tae Bong & Oh Dal Ja
Other?: Kang Tae Bong has an amazingly cute smile.
Episode 4-4 where all 3 males were at Dal Ja's home & her mom and granny came. Haha.
Episode 4-2 the plant that says 'My name is Battery! You only need to look at me to get charged up.' from Kang Tae Bong
Episode 5-2 where Kang Tae Bong did the 9x's table dance.
Episode 5-3 where Kang Tae Bong hugs Dal Ja. Aww.
Kang Tae Bong's grandfather is like a big teddy bear!
Episode 12-4 Dal Ja hands back the key of her apartment to Tae Bong and then he hugs Dal Ja. Aww.
Episode 14-3 Birthday kiss!
Episode 17-2 Home vacation. Aww.
Episode 19-2 Dal Ja tells Tae Bong she loves him.
Episode 20-4 surprise wedding announcement by Tae Bong's mother.
Episode 21-3 mothers working together x) & then Tae Bong and Dal Ja eats udon together and in sync too!
Episode 21-4 korean "I will survive" song.
"Cuter than I imagine. Already 33 but she's a completely ignorant woman in puberty." - Kang Tae Bong (ep. 3)
"I'm only an unimportant, young brother. I was afraid you'll misunderstand, so I thought I'll let you know." - Kang Tae Bong to Director Eom (ep. 4)
"You have your charm. You may not know it. But sometimes because you're 33, you're even more charming." - Kang Tae Bong to Dal Ja (ep. 5-3)
"It's the men who have eye prolems for not seeing your worth" - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 7-1)
"To me, she's not just any women, she's the women I'm attracted to" - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 10-1)
"You're pretty too. You're pretty when you smile and laugh a lot. You're pretty whenever you frown so easily. You're pretty when you get embarrassed. And when you get shy. At times, you're pretty when you're naive. At other times, you're pretty when you act like a lady. The way you are now, you're already pretty enough." - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 12-3)
"You're so pretty I can't stand it." - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 12-3)
"Then give me a kiss, I want a kiss from you." - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 14-3)
"I don't care if you are in jeans or sweats. I still like you. I don't care if you didn't wash your face. I still like you." - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 14-4)
"I like when we are this close. We can kiss... And I can hug you tight. That is all I need to be happy." - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 14-4)
"I'm by your side and you're still fantasizing. That makes me sad. *picks Dal Ja up*" - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 17-1)
"*goes after Dal Ja and see her cry then rushes over to kiss her* I'm sorry. No matter how I think about it, I can't not be with you. So don't leave. Don't go anywhere!" - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 21-4)
"I love you! I... I love you! Do you still not know that?" - Kang Tae Bong to Oh Dal Ja (ep. 21-4)
"Whoever you chose, age is not important. Your feelings for that woman are what's important. That's the correct answer." - Kang Tae Bong (ep. 22-2)
My rating out of 10: 9
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ: At first I thought this was just an okay drama, I was only watching it because I liked Lee Min Ki (Kang Tae Bong), however the plot of this story isn't so bad. There's a LOT of fantasizing, haha no doubt, but it's really funny. You will also grow attached to the main characters as well as the minor characters (ex. Seon Joo and Sae Do). The grandparents were also good comic reliefs I suppose. I was also pretty satified with the ending.
Completed on 7/1/09