The Spellmans Strike Again

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What about this novel that caught my attention: I've wanted to read this novel ever since it came out (On March 16th, 2010)! So glad I was able to get a hold of a copy on Amazon. I wasn't able to find it at my local Borders :(
Why I actually finished reading this novel: I can't stop reading a Spellmans novel. I mean seriously. It's just that good. It felt like the time when I was obsessed with Harry Potter. I just CAN'T STOP READING!
My favorite coupling: Henry & Izzy (hands down), but David & Maggie, Fred & Rae were pretty cute as well... xP
Other: I have new found respect and love for Henry in this novel. He started to change (for the better of course). He learned the way of the Spellmans.
I'll add some later... it's a long list, so I am trying to narrow it down.
My rating out of 10:
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ: I can't believe it's over. OVER! :'( I am going to miss this series oh so much. I think it will take me some time to find another book that I'll like "/ the characters grew on me way too much.
Completed on 04/03/10