Autumn's Concerto (Next stop, happiness)

What about this drama that caught my attention: I really liked the title of the drama, but I decided not to watch it... until 1/1/10 because the day before this date my neighbor recommended it to me & I was like eh why not?
Why I actually finished watching this drama: It's actually really good. I couldn't stop watching this drama because I wanted to know what would happen next. The characters were well thought out and had depth. The little child is a very good actor.
My favorite coupling:
I still think that Jacko (Figaro Ceng) is adorable.
Episode 5- was when Guang Xi saved Mu Cheng after her foot got caught in the fishing net & when Mu Cheng confessed that she loved him & he told her that he was being a jerk and rejected her was because of his tumor
Episode 6- Date before surgery (swing kiss & photography story)
Episode 7- First showing of the Xiao Le! D'aww
Episode 10- Santa Clause story, family time, totally adorable
Ren Guang Xi: Once upon a time, there was a princess who was kidnapped by the devil. The devil said to her, "You can continue screaming (till you" 'lose your voice', 'nobody' is coming to save you."
And the princess started screaming, 'lose your voice! lose your voice!'
Do you know who came?
Liang Mu Cheng: Who?
Ren Guang Xi: 'Nobody' came. There was a man called 'Nobody'. Because the princess shouted, 'lose your voice,' so just like what the devil said, 'Nobody' came. He came to save the princess.
Liang Mu Cheng: That's so lame.
Ren Guang Xi: I'm not just trying to make you laugh. What I want to say is, if you come across any danger in the future, you don't need to scream until you lose your voice. You just need to call out the name, Ren Guang Xi, and I will come to save you.
Xiao Le to Mu Cheng (episode 15 pt6):
You adults are the strangest animal in this whole wide world *pat Mu Cheng on the head*
Mu Cheng: 6 years ago...I truly love you. This is what I had hidden from you for 6 unspoken promise. If I told you, I love you, can you, for this reason, stay?
Guang Xi: I will leave...if you ever let go of my hand again.

My rating out of 10:
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ:
This drama reminds me of Prince Who Turns into a Frog (buying village, forgetting love), My Lucky Star (little kid, and 5/6 years later thing) & Fated to Love you (changing over time) all mixed into one drama. This drama has made me cry too much, but the tears were worth it. There were so many conflicts that arises in this drama, it didn't seem like all of it could be solved in the end. Xiao Le is adorable. He says he wisest thing ever and he has so many tricks up his sleeves.
Fantastic ending to an utterly amazing drama.

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