Two Brothers

What about this movie that caught my attention: The adorable dvd cover
Why I actually finished watching this movie: Good story line/ plot
My favorite coupling: n/a
Other?: tiger cubs are absolutely adorable! Picture on the side is of Sangha (name of the tiger in the movie)
My rating out of 10: 9.5
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ: This is a completely awe-inspiring movie! It made me cry at least 3 times (I might have possibly cried even more than that) I totally loved the story line. The cubs were so expressive. After watching this I really hate hunters and people who likes using actual animal fur instead of using faux fur. Those people are despicable. This movie also changed my mind on dogs. My goodness are they annoying -_-; I used to LOVE them! But after this movie I cannot stand them, those hunting dogs as well as the normal house dogs. I've also now think I like tigers more than pandas! How bad is that? Do I have to change my username now? Haha. Oh well, I shall keep my username... but my favorite animal shall be the tigers.