Boys over Flowers

What about this drama that caught my attention: My friends kept asking if I watched it yet, and they kept telling me it's good, so I said to myself "why not?"
Why I actually finished watching this drama: it was addicting
My favorite coupling: So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul (referring to episode 9 pt. 3 (14:00) ) and like most of pt 4 of episode 9, beginning of episode 10...
Episode 11 pt. 2 because of Jan Di's lie, Yi Jung thought it was Ga Eul's birthday, episode 12 pt.4 (ski scene), 16.4&16.5- fake date #2
Other?: Yoon Ji Hoo (in episode 10 pt 2 he wears glasses & looks extra adorable! ep.10 pt4[9:58] "My heart hurts")
Lee Min Ha
anycall haptic (cell phone)
Beginning of episode 15 where Ji Hoo sings while playing the guitar <3
"It was because of him I sent you off, it's because of Jun Pyo that I didn't even start it. Don't make me regret it"-Yoon Ji Hoo
"It's not a dream. If it was a dream it wouldn't have been that hard. I realized it after I sent you off. That I couldn't do anything all day long. I came to my senses, I was sitting on the plane. That's why it's not a dream, because you're here right now, in front of me." -Yoon Ji Hoo
“No, I came here because of you” -Yi Jung to Ga Eul
"When I come back... you'll be the first one I find. I mean, that's only if by that time, you still haven't found your soulmate." -Yi Jung to Ga Eul
My rating out of 10: 9.5
Short and sweet note from Sw33tPandaZ: I loved the OST to this drama. I felt really sorry for Ji Hoo, who didn't end up with anyone. He did so much for Jan Di! I must say, I think this is the first drama where I didn't like the main couple. I liked the pairing of Yi Jung and Ga Eul so much more! After watching this, I really wanted to read the manga.